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Authentic SHUHARI Matcha Café comes to California

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The first and only authentic Japanese green tea café, SHUHARI Matcha Café comes to the heart of Venice backed by Maeda-en USA, a green tea distributor founded by green tea aficionado Taku H. Maeda in 1984, as well as the Cool Japan Fund, a public-private fund that supports the development of overseas demand for Japanese products and services. SHUHARI Matcha Café will serve an expertly curated selection of the highest quality of Japanese green tea in a contemporary, laid-back environment showing its guests that it’s more than just a drink, but a new way of balanced living.

Guests are invited to experience a healthy drink with no caffeine  by infusing green tea into their daily experiences.  (I’ve been trying to tell people that de-caffeinated coffee still has caffeine and it adds up, especially if you drink a lot of it. This is part of the information that espresso which I prefer also has less caffeine ).  Matcha tea is not only healthy but imparts calming energy and the life-balancing properties.  Below is the Matcha Latte (photo by Matcha Cafe), which not only looks a healthy green but beautiful. image003

The name SHUHARI is a reference to the stages of learning to achieve mastery in the world of tea ceremonies. “SHU” (守) alludes to the obedience of traditional wisdom; “HA” (破) is a reference to breaking away from established rules; and “RI” (離) means to separate from the conventional teachings thereby achieving a unique style and independence. To align with the meaning of SHU HA RI, the café will deliver a full range of green tea beverages from the classics to new contemporary concoctions of green tea.

SHUHARI Matcha Café will offer more than 40 handcrafted tea beverages that mirror American tastes, from traditional sencha and gyokuro teas to the not-so-traditional creamy matcha lattes and refreshingly bubbly sparkling matchas. The café will also feature an American twist on traditional Japanese grab-and-go food options including “onigirazu,” a creative take on the traditional Japanese rice ball, a line up of delectable ice cream sundaes featuring Japanese flavors such as matcha, ginger and black sesame as well as a variety of Japanese sweets flown in straight from Japan.


For Taku H. Maeda, SHUHARI Matcha Café marks a new step in his efforts to bring authentic Japanese green tea to the modern American, converting coffee drinkers to green tea enthusiasts. Hailing from the western Japanese city of Nagasaki where Japanese green tea was first commercially exported, Maeda has been waiting to launch this U.S. café initiative, a dream of his since he started the green tea business in America 31 years ago. “With growing consumer interest in green tea, SHUHARI Matcha Café will appeal to both the traditional and modern palate,” says Maeda. Below is the “Milkshake.”


For more information and to stay up-to-date about the SHUHARI Matcha Café, visit www.shuharicafe.com.

Established in 2016 by parent company GREEN TEA WORLD USA, INC., SHUHARI is an authentic Japanese green tea café committed to serving an expertly curated selection of the highest quality of Japanese green tea, creating exceptional and innovative handcrafted tea beverages, and serving customers with excellence and pride. SHUHARI, where green tea meets a modern lifestyle, offers an array of over 40 handcrafted tea beverages that mirror American preferences like sparkling green tea, matcha espresso and lattes, as well as a selection of grab-and-go food options such as “onigirazu” a new style of Japanese rice balls, sandwiches, ice cream sundaes, Japanese sweets and pastries.

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