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New Bi-Plates Tackle New Thai Obesity Problems

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BiplateBiplate is a plate that’s helps  weight loss by reducing the calories from your food.   Its patent pending design has hundreds of oil collecting pockets and improves the health of your food without affecting the taste.Biplate boxUsing the biplate can reduce up to 32 calories from each meal, that’s roughly 90 calories a day- very impressive.  While there was a lot of media buzz about Absorbplate, it was never available for sale to the public. BiPlate is filling that void and is now available online at www.BiPlate.com.

Bi-plateThe plate was designed to offset the alarming documented impact of fatty western fast-service food in southeast Asia.  Obesity has reached alarming levels in the Asean Economic Community and especially in Thailand, where 32 per cent of the population are overweight, with Malaysia at 44 per cent and Singapore at 30 per cent. At this current rate, it is likely that half the Thai population will be overweight in the coming years.

Bi-plate picturesThe new diet-friendly dish called BiPlate literally sucks calories out of greasy food on its surface that is modeled after a sponge.  Its  hundreds of tiny holes on the surface that suck up and separate the oil from food before it’s eaten.

Biplate with pizzaIt is similar to but more effective than a napkin blotting surface grease from, say a pizza.  And the clever surface is much stronger than paper.

Biplate photosBiPlate came to life after the Thai Health Foundation and an ad agency in Bangkok invented their own version (called Absorbplate) of a BiPlate in 2016 to address Thailand’s obesity problem, which is largely linked to the amount of oil used in the country’s popular cuisine.

Naomi PriestleyHealth and fitness expert Naomi Priestley describes it this way: https://www.joyus.com/home/1-4969/trap-calories-so-you-dont-eat-them-hosted-by-naomi-priestley.

“For a lot of my clients, the hardest thing about losing weight is changing the way they eat,” adds fitness and nutrition expert Tim Long. “BiPlate is an amazing tool to reduce your caloric intake without even trying.”

BiPlate fights cholesterol and obesity by decreasing the amount of fat you eat even before it enters your mouth. It can reduce your caloric intake up to 90 calories a day, which adds up to 35,000 calories or 10 lbs. of fat per year.

The BiPlate is recommended for Thai food, Indian food, Mexican food, Italian food, bacon, fried foods and literally anything that contains a lot of oil.

BiPlate is BPA free, FDA approved, shatter proof and dishwasher safe.

BiPlate is available in a set of 2 for $29.99 and a set of 4 is $39.99 at www.BiPlate.com and Joyus.com.

For more information, check out this endorsement by health and fitness expert Naomi Priestley: https://www.joyus.com/home/1-4969/trap-calories-so-you-dont-eat-them-hosted-by-naomi-priestley.

Obesity is defined as having an excess proportion of total body fat.

It is essential to understand that excess weight is a lifestyle issue essentially related to the quantity of food ingested – not “a diet” issue per se. What overweight people need to realise is that any weight loss endeavour must come from significant and sustained motivation for behavioural changes.
 “Quick and easy weight loss” diet fads and even with a focus on the food intake, the lifestyle issue is not effectively addressed.
Although many factors contribute to the fast-growing epidemic in Thailand, basically there is a huge imbalance between the promoters of healthy lifestyle, who include the Public Health Ministry, related medical associations and a few laudable stakeholders, and the pro-obesity advertising forces driven mainly by fast food companies andinfluential media.

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