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  • Five Ethnic Gifts to Buy and Why at Petrossian

      (Gerry Furth-Sides) First it was called Aristoff, then it became a distant outpost of Petrossian, the legendary Paris-based outfit known for its buttery osetra and powerful sevruga. Founded in 1984, New York’s exquisite Petrossian restaurant is housed in the historic Alwyn Court Building on Manhattan’s West Si...

  • Marlo’s Bakeshop Updates A Classic Global Favorite

    A “star” baker as a relative with a closely guarded recipe automatically bestows bragging rights onto an immigrant family. The family of Marlo Gertz of Marlo’s Bakeshop in San Francisco is no exception. But unlike so many recipes that have disappeared (like my Viennese grandmother’s tissue paper strudel), Marlo not only...

  • Petrossian: Historic Russian Product with A Timeless Appeal

     When I test drove a marvelous vintage Porsche last month I had no idea I would soon be tasting caviar at about the same price. Among the most famous and expensive of the precious eggs, Almas (“diamond” in Russian) costs about the same price pound per pound at $25,000 for 1 kg or $700 per ounce. […]...

  • Smirnoff Updates Russian Vodka with a Peppermint Twist

    The whole idea of a limited-edition offering of a vodka with Peppermint even sounds appealing when you hear it.  It looks even better when you see the bottle, with red and white and green ribbon swirling from top to bottom (and you cannot see the content inside either!) We’ve given a bottle with a box […]...