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Southern Indian

  • Elevated Asian Cuisine at THE TASTELA “Field to Fork”

    If Ethnic cuisines have cooked their way into the hearts of Los Angeles mainstream food events, Japanese reigned this past week-end at TASTELA’s Field to Fork, hosted by Amy Scattergood, Times Food Editor, and Michael Cimarusti, Chef/Owner of Providence and Chef/Partner of Connie and Ted’s.  Representative of th...

  • Annapurna’s New South Indian Breakfasts

    (Gerry Furth-Sides) Breakfast as a major 2016 restaurant trend forecasts fits right into Annapurna Southern Indian Vegetarian Restaurant’s practically priced menu although Dosas will always have a starring role at the popular Culver City cafe.  Indian versions of “Doughnuts” and “crepes” and &#...