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Celebrate A Kosher St. Patrick’s Day with GK Restaurant (Got Kosher?)

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Restaurant may have been born in Tunis and raised in Paris, but his international dishes known for their innovative twists this week features a celebration of the Irish. The .www.gotkosherinc.com. And why shouldn’t there be a Jewish element in St. Patrick’s day — Dublin had a famous Jewish mayor (Teddy Kolleck) for years. Chef Alain Cohen at Got Kosher?

Appetizers Seared Lamb Salad with Beet Wedges & Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
Sticky Whiskey Chicken Wings*
Yorkshire Pudding with Lemon Chicken in Mustard Sauce*
Spicy Red Cabbage
Crispy Potato Cake (flourless)

Ethnic Appetizers
Smoky Babaganoush
Spicy Moroccan Eggplant
Matboukha (Cooked Tomato & Pepper Salad)
Carrots & Fennel Seed Salad
Beet Salad with Mint
Vegetarian Chopped Liver
Gefilte Fish with Carrot Horseradish

Creamy Chicken Soup*
Potato & Lime Soup (V)

Moroccan Salmon (GF)
Baked Salmon Irish Style

Rotisserie Chicken with Parsley & Caraway*
Lemony Chicken with Mustard Sauce (bone in)*
Irish Country Chicken Breast (boneless)*
Brisket in Guinness Sauce*
Corned Beef & Cabbage*

Traditional Tunisian Dish
Lemon Raisin Chicken Tajine*
Served with couscous

Cholent of The Week
Hungarian Cholent with Beef, Potato & Eggs*
Served with couscous

Artichoke Beignets (V)
Irish “Beef” Stew
Mac & “Cheese” (VE/GF)

Vegetable Shepherds Pie with Caramelized Onion
Cauliflower au Gratin
Colcannon (Cabbage & Fried Pastrami)
Pan Roasted Green Beans with Golden Almonds
Roasted Carrots with ” Butter, ” Dill & Orange

Kugel of The Week
Lokshen Kugel (Savory Noodle Kugel)

Call (310) 858-1920 or (310) 858-3123

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