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Chef-Restaurateur  Seamus Mullen’s “Find Your True Fork” Spanish Paleo Menu

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Chef-Restaurateur  Seamus Mullen’s Paleo menu starred at recently the Wanderlust Hollywood.  It was the halfway mark in the Find Your True Fork six-part series spotlighting individual chef’s unique approach to ethical, mindful eating.   Rodale’s Organic Life partnered in this program showcasings healthy, sustainable and ethical food choices through the lens of acclaimed, influential chefs.

It was one of those invites where you just do not know what to expect.  The idea is that guests are encouraged to  explore widely discussed eating lifestyles: Sustainable, Vegan, Paleo, Raw, Local and Ayurveda.   The experience offers insight into personal preferences in order to “how to find the true fork that suits you.”  I chose the Paleo dinner –  my natural palate choice- and wound up loving the vegetarian fare there best!

Chef Seamus is the charming, hearty author of HERO FOOD and also  the creator of the Wanderlust Cafe.  His story of switching to a paleo diet  is a dramatic one in which he completely overcame painful and sometimes-debilitating rheumatoid arthritis (RA) http://blog.arthritis.org/stories-of-yes/seamus-mullen-rheumatoid-arthritis/.

Wanderlust is a high-end yoga and lifestyle center blocks from raucous Hollywood Boulevard, where bike racks stand side by side with $15 valet stands.

Find Your True Fork sponsors include Lundberg Family Farms  and Organic India.  I loved the carrot hummus and the avocado hummus on the Lundberg Family Farm display so much I could have finished both bowls with a bag or two of the crackers.

This new set of favorites of the evening turned out to be the perfect enticement to eat vegan!  It paired beautifully with  the wonderful Napa Bonterra wine from Napa.  I found my fork – and glass!

Even for a non rice eater (except for black  and Korean purple)  it was love at first bite. Lundberg Family Farm  Organic Grounded Snack Pink Himalayan Salt Red Rice & Quinoa Tortilla Chips were the richest, snappiest and crunchiest triangles I have ever tasted.


Rich and tasty small bowls of chicken broth smarter passed as an appetizer —  – held pieces of shredded chicken, okra that was a bit, shall we say mucilaginous – and a nice touch of seaweed.

India’s products had already impressed us at LocalFoodEater so much we have done two stories on their teas and sustainable farming way of farming in India.

The  Find Your True Fork  series is the brainchild of engaging, Jeff Krasno (seen above with a fan) and also a peek inside his upcoming book Wanderlust: Find Your True Fork.  

In the past we have highly recommended book selections published by Rodale’s Organic Life on this website, and we look forward to this one.  “Apparently it is a best seller,” Jeff laughed holding up the only copy he could obtain during his welcoming remarks, which was tattered and worn.

The dinner takes place in a cavernous hall with a stage at one end, a day-space  for yoga classes.  With its low lighting and ceiling windows, the feel is of a summer camp dining hall.

Long tables were set communal style with field flowers on a runner down the middle and a menu on each plate.  A lovely, low-key young lady admired my (homemade) dress.  I wound up sitting  with her and her date for a delightful, summery evening.  To my surprise, she turned out to be the CFO of the superstar PR company promoting the event.


First up was the Bitter Lettuces with Hazelnut Vinaigrette and Persimmon.  To access a video of how the salad is made, please see: https://www.rodalewellness.com/food/bitter-lettuces-with-hazelnut-vinaigrette-persimmon

Bitter Lettuces with Hazelnut Vinaigrette and Persimmon (photo courtesy of Rodales)

The rest of the Family Style Dinner included:  Asparagus Salad with Egg and Jambon de Bayonne; Grilled Lamb Loins with anchovy -Walnut and Lundberg

Chef Seamus Mullen

Award-winning Seamus is known for his restaurant Tertulia and  El Colmado, a Spanish tapas and wine bar and food hall in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen.  For his full culinary bio, that includes growing up on an organic farm in Vermont and styling in Spain, see: http://www.foodnetwork.com/profiles/contestants/seamus-mullen/bio

Meredith Klein

All photos courtesy of Rodales’ Organic Life)

On Thursday, August 17- Meredith Klein presents Ayurveda.   

The dinners  at Wanderlust Hollywood (1357 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles) begin at 7pm (with a cocktail hour and appetizer trays). Tickets are $80 with a price break for the series. Purchase tickets here

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Gerry Furth-Sides

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