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Danish Superstar Caroline Fleming’s “Cook Yourself Happy”

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Danish food is both bracing, fun and healthy — think open faced gravlax sandwiches on a dense, thinly sliced European pumpernickel.   Think the whimsical brilliant honor of Victor Borge and the magic of Hans Christian Anderson.  And model-mogul superstar Caroline Fleming’s COOK YOURSELF HAPPY fills the bill perfectly.  It is perfectly gorgeous, enticing book we cannot wait to use.

Friend, Deborah Sawaf, host of the book signing party who shared the news of the cookbook contract a year ago, here with model Camilia Somers

Add some “hygge” or happiness  to your life and learn to cook Danish style with this beautifully illustrated cookbook containing over 100 delicious Danish recipes. Promoting the very best of Danish cuisine, this is a curated selection of  authentic, traditional Danish recipes, which have been handed down through the generations.
It is Caroline’s third cookbook and first in English.
The recipes cover every meal and occasion whether it is a light lunch of Warm Smoked Salmon with Pickled Cucumber,the heartier national dish of Stegt Flaesk (fried pork belly) or Pheasant Ragout, a delightful dessert of Baked Apples with Marzipan and Raisins, the most traditional of Danish pastries, or a wintry Hot Chocolate with Orange Syrup, Cook Yourself Happy is filled with enriching food to please friends and family.
Food, family and Denmark are Caroline’s first loves, and this is echoed in the book with photographs of Caroline
cooking at home, interspersed with gorgeous photographs of her family home in Denmark.
Drawing on traditional age old family recipes, this beautifully illustrated cookbook focuses on the most delicious and nourishing traditional Danish recipes that are known to boost every Dane’s sense of wellbeing both inside and out.
Caroline Fleming has a huge following as a model, TV presenter, reality TV star, lifestyle guru and businesswoman. She is one of the leading stars of the reality TV show Ladies of London,which is shown in 22 countries. Her role in the series is very much the home
maker in the kitchen, and is a lifestyle mentor for many of her fans. She has also recently developed her own kitchenware range.
When working as a model, Caroline realized that the better she ate, the better her complexion was, the higher her energy levels were and the better she felt overall. A mother of three, was determined to share her family recipes so any cook can easily use them and “be happy the Danish way.”

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Gerry Furth-Sides

Gerry Furth-Sides

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