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American Grill Daddy Brushes Catapults International Grilling into the Future

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“If I didn’t have a grill to use this on, I would go out and buy one,” was the only thing I could think of when I opened the GRILL DADDY packing box. The tools are the “muscle car” of cooking equipment, bringing the caveman culinary method of cooking meat or poultry over a fire into the 21st century and beyond. They beg you to touch and to hold them – instant power in the grip!  They are as distinguished from standard grill tools as an icebox is from a Sub-Zero, and at a much more affordable price.  And I was almost surprised not to see them on the current “Chopped” Grill master competition.


The tools are so beautiful, so seemingly over-sized (still just right for an outdoor grill) and so inviting to touch it takes a minute to remember that the patented steam-cleaning brushes were actually designed for cleaner, safer grilling that takes off annoying baked-on grease and food particles.


Grill Daddy’s founder, Michael Wales came up with the Grill Daddy steam-cleaning brush to get the results of a sparkling, deep-down clean grill every time, in just minutes, with the power of steam. Users simply add water and the Grill Daddy cleans easily and thoroughly without the use of harsh chemicals. Wales’ inspiration was born of his frustration with flimsy, throwaway grill brushes that didn’t remove charred, gunky meats from dirty, greasy grills.


The Grill Daddy Heat Shield BBQ Tool Set effectively shields hands from intense grill heat and splatter. Made of durable stainless steel, the tool set includes heat shield tongs, spatula, fish flipper, and basting brush and fork attachment for grilling steak, chicken and seafood.  The futuristic head conveniently swivels with the hand for continuous protection while handling food on the grill. The tools are also magnetic so they easily attach to the grill for simple storage.  The 6-piece Grilling Tool Set MSRP $49.99 and available for purchase at www.BuyGrillDaddy.com or on Amazon.


Key elements that set Grill Daddy apart from other grill brushes are not only its ergonomic heat shield handles and its specially designed stainless steel bristles that reach into all the nooks and cranhttp://localfoodeater.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=pagenies of the grill grate and surface. The brush heads are removable, dishwasher safe, replaceable and interchangeable.  The heads have been carefully designed to withstand rigorous use without the risk of any bristles coming loose – unlike many other brushes in the marketplace.


Also part of the Grill Daddy lineup for summer grilling are the gorgeous PATENTED DESIGN – Heat Shield BBQ Set, the 6-in-1 Set and the King Tong. The ultimate in heat protection for the hands, the Heat Shield BBQ Set (MSRP $49.99) is a six-piece collection that includes tongs, spatula tool, fork attachment, basting brush attachment, fish flipper attachment and meat thermometer. The 6-in-1 Set (MSRP $39.99) fits inside a portable 2.75-pound zippered case and includes collapsing tongs with three quick-connect attachments.

A 2015 study conducted by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) shows that grilling is becoming more and more of a year-round practice these days  with  61 % of cooks participating — very close to the number of grillers on Labor Day, the second highest day of grill use of the year . In all, 75% of all U.S. households own a grill and this is close to the number of the most popular grilling occasions, Fourth of July (76%). .

The Grill Daddy’s patented-design steam-cleaning grill brush now grants this difficult-to-satisfy wish with its incomparable cleaning ability that sterilizes as it cleans. The Grill Daddy steam-cleaning brush comes in three models: Original (MSRP $12.99), Pro (MSRP $19.99) for bigger grilling surfaces and Grand Platinum (MSRP $59.99) for restaurant-quality results.

The King Tong with Heat Shield Protection (Patented) (MSRP $39.99) fire-tending tool with GORILLA – GRIP allows the building and tending of a better fire with the safest, strongest, long-handled log lifter for both fire pits and fireplaces.

Grill Daddy’s mission is to substitute traditional cheap, disposable grill-cleaning products and accessories with luxurious, ergonomic items that perform well, last for years to come and protect grillers from the searing heat of their grills. They have succeeded completely.   The company’s signature grill brushes clean grills better, more easily than any other grill brush, resulting in better-tasting grilled foods. Satisfaction is guaranteed for life on every Grill Daddy purchase. For more information on the company and its product, and to purchases products, please visit http://www.daddycos.com/.

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