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Las Vegas Uncork’d Master Event: The World’s Best, Chef Guy Savoy

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The Serene and Elegant Dining Room


At “The World’s Best, An Epicurean Affair” inside the elegant Restaurant Guy Savoy, the famed Michelin-starred chef served a multi-course dinner highlighting dishes normally found at his Paris location. Chef Guy Savoy invited guests on a journey of the senses, showcasing his exclusive empire of tastes and influences.

Diners enjoyed lobster salad “Bellevue,” artichoke and black truffle soup with toasted mushroom brioche and black truffle butter as well as whole roasted veal saddle topped with a spring garnish and natural jus.

To elevate the intimate dining experience, the world-renowned chef hosted the only Krug Chef’s table in the United States where six lucky patrons sipped on luxurious Krug champagne and dined on dishes personally prepared by the legendary chef.

(Roberta R. Deen) Every single bite of this meal could be described as “over the top” at the meal, yet it was the overall experience of it, the atmosphere created around the dinner, the reverence, ceremony and the sharing that set it apart and made it the world’s best.  A frisson of excitement arrived along with every glass of wine that was poured and every gorgeous plate of food that was set down.

The quiet sense of anticipation that grew with every guest arriving outside the high gates leading down a hall to the restaurant’s massive doors.  The full range of the current “Vegas experience” look was on display – from chic little black dresses to leather short shorts,  gold lace formal to a blue Mohawk.

Then came a shift from patiently waiting guests to a dignified press as the doors opened, ushering each guest into the warm embrace and cheerful smile of Chef Guy Savoy, the number one rated chef in the entire world.  Each person was photographed with their own phone and swept in to find their table. The renowned chef greeted everyone as if they were long-lost friends and never flagged as the line of diners stretched on.

Chef Guy Savoy - The Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance

Finely suited waiters led each diner to their assigned table in a subtle, gracious room.  There was blessedly no piped-in music, there were no flowers on the table and only one minimal abstract canvas on the wall over Table 2. The walls were a soothing soft gray; the tables in starched white linen, the place settings unassuming heavy silver. Six gleaming crystal wine glasses graced each place setting.


The only sounds were quiet conversation and the hum of eager anticipation of the meal to come. There was nothing to distract attention from the business at hand.

Bon Appétit Wine Editor, Marissa A. Ross, briefly welcomed the guests and introduced Chef Savoy.  Chef Savoy introduced Julien Asseo, his Executive Chef at the Las Vegas location, who warmly invited everyone to enjoy the meal, as if they were at his country dining table.

Petite Hors d’oeuvre

Petite Hors d’oeuvre to begin served also with an elegant beef slider and Kushi oysters concassé (below)

beef slider and Kushi oysters concassé

The elegant, well-versed wait staff, moved the meal right along without any sense of rush. They knew the food intimately and could quickly,  graciously describe the food in detail – and repeat upon request.

Lobster Salad Bellevue

Lobster Salad “Bellevue”

Five servers alone proudly carried only two plates at a time on large rectangular silver platters, and took care to present the dish properly. Dishes, glasses and silverware were removed without a sound, minus busboys, creating the sensation of dining in another more cordial era.

John Dory in its GardenJohn Dory in its “Garden”

Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup

The famous Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup from the Paris restaurant with Mushroom Brioche Feuilétee, was toasted and brushed with Black Truffle Butter meant to be dipped in the soup.  This was the dish most murmured about by the guests being ushered into the room.  The soup was lovely but what really impressed me was the brioche Feuilétee treated as puff pastry.

Mushroom Brioche Feuilétee

Roasted Saddle of Veal, Creamed Potatoes, Veal-Stuffed Baby Vegetables with Jus Naturel arrived as the next course.

A La Fin – The StrawberryA La Fin – The Strawberry

As the meal ended and people quietly exited into another receiving line with photos being taken with Chef Savoy, I took a chance and I asked one of the cordial waiters if there might be the slightest chance to view the kitchen.  Without hesitation he answered, “Of course, madam!”  ushering me into the shining, perfectly clean, as if nothing had gone on that evening, kitchen and introduced me directly to the Executive chef, Julien Asseo.

Guy Savoy - Executive chef, Julien AsseoThe staff was just finishing up the Chef’s Table for six set behind a wall of etched glass. (Chef Savoy had prepared that meal himself.) The kitchen was breath-takingly small for such an expansive meal.

I asked Chef Julien how much staff had he used to create our elaborate, complex eight- course dinner.  He replied, “Nine. Nine extremely efficient chefs. And, of course, Chef Savoy helped too.”

Chef Julien himself was calm, personable and warm, appearing no worse for the wear.  This is the magic of a world-class chef able to create a dining experience, seamless from the very beginning to the very end, worthy of his title.

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