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Lum-Ka-Naad – “Delicious”in Any Language Now

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(Gerry Furth-Sides) Lum-Ka-Naad, fittingly translates into “delicious,” a popular expression to honor cooks in Northern Thailand.  I first visited owner Alex Sonbalee on a rainy winter night years ago, writing him up  as much for his irrepressible joy at sharing his northern and southern Thai dishes as the wonderful food — he fed me as much as he could and sent me home with a stack of full folders. At the time fellow foodies looked quizzically a me when I pronounced the name in the article (see dinner event below).  These days Lum-Ka-Naad is on everyone’s top ten Thai lists.

Here’s why:  flavorful, colorful, almost sculpted dishes are so meticulously researched and prepared that Lum-Ka-Naad deserves a “destination restaurant” designation. It’s no surprise that despite their modest location, husband and wife team, host Alex and chef Ooi Sonbalee will celebrated the restaurant’s tenth anniversary this year, and the second anniversary of their new Encino location.

P1040444Alex is a man on a mission to introduce authentic regional cuisine, that “not even Bangkok cooks know how to prepare,” he laughs. “We have to train our cooks from other Thai restaurants, too!” Alex, with the intelligence and curiosity of his former journalism profession, and the well-trained, friendly staff take joy in introducing new dishes to diners.  (His two star P1040441servers are a graphic artist who worked for him when he published a newspaper; the other he recruited in a supermarket line, I just found out this year!)

Intimate and inviting, softly lit Lum-Ka-Naad is immaculate and filled with diners. AIMG_0246 lovingly researched menu (160 items!) of affordable, shareable items is organized into categories by type and region – Alex hails from famous Chiang Mai in the upper north or Lanna Thai, and Ooi from Krabi in the south. To understand what it means to feature these Thai “home” and “street” favorites, think of Korean sea urchin (uni), of Russian caviar, of Italian Alba white truffles – common and cheaply had in their native habitats, but a treasured delicacy here.

Wife Ooi and her staff cook in a class-enclosed kitchen — for all the restaurant to see. Here they prepare for the Siraccha dinner event.IMG_0425

P1040427 P1040392

And not to worry. Familiar Thai favorites include Pad Thai and Mint Noodles (the hamburger and hot dog of Thai cuisine), plus Pan-Asian dishes, like Kung Pao Chicken.  But it Alex waits on you, he won’t let you order them!

Like most Thai cuisine found throughout the peninsula, Northern Thai dishes are influenced by its rugged terrain and by surrounding neighbor countries, Laos and Myanmar (Burma). Alex tells us, with a note of wonder in his voice, “People just go out and pick vegetables for their meals, like wild herbs and eggplants.” Equally accessible are the mild dried chilies, lime and fermented fish that flavor meats, pork and poultry.

“To get those same ingredients here, though” he nods,” friends and family carry them back for us from Thailand; we import them; we search them out in Asian markets, and we even grow herbs and vegetables in our backyard.” In fact, many of the “simple” dishes contain dozens of ingredients, and certain beef dishes require five-hour cooking time.

In Ooi’s Southern dishes, flavors are bold with pungent herbs and fermented ingredients, as spicy as diners like, with extra chilies ready on the plate. Pork is a lum-ka-naad.jpg7mainstay, its richness rounding out the spicy flavors with its slightly sweet edge, and so are spiced curries, usually with coconut milk.

Kao Soi draws “oohs and ahs” for the deep-fried crispy egg noodles standing up like a fan, soft egg noodles swirling around in the liquid, a curry-like sauce with coconut milk Diners can personalize its snap and taste with chopped shallots, citrus slices, pickled cabbage and chilies in little side containers.

But most famous in the north are the sausages, astonishingly made in-house! The fat to bursting Northern Thai Pork Sausage ($6.95) or Sai Oua Sausage has spiky flavors lingering in the mouth of ground kaffir lime peel, garlic, dry Thai chile, ginger and turmeric. Best of all, they are always served with “sticky” rice, this, my own favorite of all foods Thai and rare in Los Angeles. Because it is so popular at Lum-Ka-Naad, be sure it’s available (otherwise, it’s like eating corned beef or pastrami on white bread).

Pa-Nang red coconut curry with chicken, lush and silky, arrives in a sublime coral color, delicately dotted with the fresh taste of Kaffir lime leaves and crunchy bell pepper. ($7.95)IMG_0368

Larb Kua Salad, Minced and Dried Pan-fried (Pork, Chicken, Beef or Vegan), and mint leaves, is sprinkled with Northern spices ($7.95). With it are fresh ginger slices, peanuts plus glorious iceberg wedges, cucumber slices and mesclun so fresh and gorgeously green they seem to be growing on the plate.

Chile-hot southern Thai recipes include dried curries, spiced meat and chicken dishes. Kua Gling (South Sea spice dried curry), for example, is pan-fried meat marinated in Southern Style spices paste with fresh galangal, Kaffir lime leaves, turmeric root,

Thai Chili, and shrimp paste. Accompanying it is a virtual garden of fresh spinach, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, and cilantro leaves.P1040401

Unique desserts feature the exotic (longan, rambutan, taro, jackfruit, palm seed), and marvelous sticky rice, along with ever-popular fried bananas with coconut ice cream.

Travelers and students, who know Thai food, seek us out” Alex says, pleased. So have prestigious publications, including Gourmet magazine, and the Thai government and Thailand Food Institute with a Select Award of excellence.

As one means of introducing Thai food to new people, Alex created “A Hometown Sriracha, Thailand Dinner”

The three-course menu dishes  popular and well- known in the Eastern Seaboard region, which includes the provinces of Chachongsao, Cholburi, Rayong, Chantaburi, and Trat the Easternmost point of Thailand connected to Cambodia reflect the influence of the waters.


In fact, the rich Eastern Seaboard distinguished itself from the rest of country P1040396because it boasts one of the highest capital income per person, with an abundance of agriculture and a longer (6-8 month) rainy season outside of the Southern peninsula. It is the perfect holiday trip, located only 300 kms away from Bangkok, and bordering the gulf of Thailand.lum-ka-naad.jpg7


This region has its own uniqueness demographic diversity. The Eastern most provinces particularly Rayong, Chantaburi, and Trat has its own speaking dialect influenced by the neighboring countries, Lao and Cambodian, whose influences were bought into the area at different times during the last 300 years


P1040412The food from this area has evolved into a cuisine with many influences from historical migrations. It has plentiful ocean fisheries since it is on the coast. The rainy , with an abundance of tropical plants and fruits that thrive in a heavy rain force like Mangosteen, and Durian.

Small Plates

Mieng Guoy Tiew Rice Noodle wrapped with the fillers

Jang Lon Grills Fish-cake stick in coconut power/Sriracha Spices

Hoy Jor Tofu Skin rolls stuffed with ground Shrimp/pork, and chestnut served with spicy Sriracha dipping sauce.



Main Course Platter

Hormok Seafood medley marinated with East Curry

Steamed in banana leafe basket

Steamed crickets (Alex gift to me)



Durian Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice in Bamboo (a gift from Alex!)


Guests also visited Bangluck Market (District of Love in Thai translation). The market is named after the district in Bangkok, which is currently serves as Thailand’s financial district and the famous red-light district (!) in the capital city – Alex, of course, gets a big laugh out of this.   Alex also took the group to his own backyard herb garden to introduce them to the essential herbs and produces regularly used in Thai cooking.

Lum-Ka-Naad: Delicious!



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