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New Brunch Menu at Classic Maggiano’s Little Italy

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(Gerry Furth-Sides) Straightforward Italian-American dishes with a few novel twists weren’t so much of a surprise in the  New Brunch Menu at Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Apparently I am not alone.  A guest favorite for special occasions, Maggiano’s Little Italy  was host to more than 535,000 celebrations in 2016 alone.  There were obvious bridal shower, birthday and baby shower party guests when we arrived and when we left.

Server Extraordinare Kevin with the new brunch menu

The new Maggiano’s Brunch menu is the restaurant’s first menu change since it opened.  Added to the made-from-scratch Italian-American cuisine repertoire are 12 new brunch items, each inspired by an Italian classic.

Server Kevin and Chef Alberto Bini

Chef Alberto Bini is from Genoa, Italy.  He travels to Italy on regular research trips.  One more local “insider” research trip found these Brioche Buns served at Maggiano’s from Ca’D’Oro Bakery in Inglewood California.  They are also served and can be purchased at A Cut Above butcher shop in Santa Monica.


Our friendly, knowledgable waiter was genuinely pleased to be serving us — he will remain in my heart (and head) forever because he explained the second step to delete the images in my iPhone!

Orange Struessel accompanies every brunch — it is topped with an orange zest frosting

There are no less than five Benedicts.  Each is served with Crispy Vesuvio Potatoes  Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, (above) on an English Muffin ($19.95) are filled with moist crab, about no filler, Poaches Eggs and topped with a rich but refined Hollandaise Sauce.

(photo courtesy of Maggiano’s Little Italy)


Other choices include The Meatball ($14.95), which we had instead as a side dish that included the Oven-Dried Roma Tomato and  Hollandaise Sauce – but without an English Muffin and Poached Eggs.


Lemon ricotta Pancakes are in the BREAKFAST CLASSIC section. They feature Whipped Cream, Maple Syrup, Blueberries, Choice of Side.  Our guest found them light and fluffy but needing more lemon flavor to her taste.

The choice of sides include:






Also in the BREAKFAST CLASSIC SECTION are BUTTERMILK PANCAKES with Whipped Butter, Maple Syrup, Choice of Side

CRÈME BRÛLÉE FRENCH TOAST ($$14.95) come with Cranberry Raisin Focaccia, Maple Syrup, Strawberries, Choice of Side.  the “Brûlée or “torched quality” was very, very subtle.  the dish itself, served here with sausage, was thoroughly satisfying.

For DESSERT, we choose an Apple Crostada and had one more choice to make.


We chose the Chocolate Zucotto Bites (shown above).  We asked if it was the same as the Chocolate Zucotto Cake, and  were told “no!  You have to try it.”

So we did.  And this is what it grew up into – you could see the delight reflected in all of our faces!



Brunch is offered seven days a week at all 52 restaurants across the country with 12 brunch dishes on Saturday and Sunday, five on week-days.

To view the full menu and learn more about Maggiano’s brunch, served at all 52 locations, visit www.maggianos.com/brunch.    Follow Maggiano’s on (www.maggianoslittleitaly)




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