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New Hod Golan Kosher Poultry Meats From Israel

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Hod Golan, products from Western  Galilee in Israel, offer succulent flavors and premium quality turkey deli meats in time for Passover, March Madness  and all Spring  festivities better.   These Glatt Kosher fresh poultry deli meats are imported to the U.S. direct from Israel, are truly delicious and wholesome and are made from only the highest quality clean ingredients.  All products have no MSG, and very low fat content.

Oven Roasted 100% Natural Turkey Breast

Hod Golan offers the original “clean ingredients” foods: Glatt Kosher and imported from Israel. Deli meats do not get any better than this – gluten free, 0G Trans-fat, and boasting wholesome protein plus incredible taste.

The Hod Golan line has robust variety of choices for any occasion our usage and can be found in the deli section of Kosher specialty stores and supermarkets.  The line includes:   Oven Roasted Turkey, Oven Roasted Grilled Turkey, Smoked Turkey, Honey Glazed Turkey, Italian Smoked Salami and Ultra-thin Sliced Turkey, plus Family Packs of Turkey in flavors such as Oven Roasted Turkey, Mexican Brand Smoked Turkey Breast and Smoked Turkey Meat.  

Convenient for lunch sandwiches or large  friend and family dinners, these products are offered in regular 5 oz.  or Ultra Thin Sliced 7 oz., large family pack sizes as well as sliced behind the deli counter.   Hod Golan also offers the finest savory meat snacks, such as Dried Mini-Chicken Salami and Chicken Cabanossi.


“ Hod Golan offers products that are the height of good taste,” says Micha Rakaby , President of Hod Golan.  “We are delighted to offer the complete line of our delicious products to our American Glatt Kosher and Kosher consumer who appreciate our rich Israeli heritage and our unsurpassed taste.”

All the products are kosher for Passover under the OU and Tartikov.

Italian style Smoked and Cooked Turkey Salami

Currently, Israel leads the world in turkey consumption, with every man, woman and child eating an average of 34-1/2 pounds a year.   With the growth of Hod Golan in the US, perhaps Americans will give Israel a “Turkey run”  for its money.


The diverse line of superior poultry meats range from traditional oven roasted and grilled turkey breast to more adventurous flavors. Some products in the line include:


Hod Golan Honey Smoked Turkey – with  a slightly sweet and smoked  turkey

o   Hod Golan Turkey Deli Meats



Hod Golan Mexican Brand Smoked Turkey Breast –coated with authentic Mexican spices including dried garlic and paprika

Hod Golan Turkey Delight – classic of white and dark meat

Hod Golan Oven Roasted and Grilled Turkey Breast – classic turkey  with a grilled taste





Hod Golan Smoked Turkey Breast – smoked to perfection

Hod Golan Italian Style Smoked Turkey Salami – created with authentic Italian spices




Family Pack Honey Glazed Turkey Breast


About Hod Golan:

Maadaney Yehiam the producer of the brand Hod Golan, founded in 1969,  is part of Kibbutz Yehiam, an agricultural collective that was founded in 1946 in the Western Galilee of Israel.



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