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New Valentine’s Day Ethnic Candy, Kiwi, Coffee and Celebrations

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(Gerry Furth-Sides) Brand new, creative, Valentine’s Day ethnic treats range from healthy chocolate (and coffee flavored) bars to exotic international fruit gift baskets.  A strolling food and drink tasting festival highlights the holiday in Loveland, Colorado. 

Guntar’s Bavarian Grill  and The Perogie Factory represent eastern Europe while the west is covered by Los Dos Paelleros, which setups and cooks large authentic Spanish paella dishes in open air at the festival. https://www.losdospaelleros.com/

The town added the festive food and drink events  after earning an  international Sweetheart City designation for their 72-year-old Valentine Re-Mailing Program five years ago.   Mail your Valentine’s cards to Loveland, and they will re-mail them for you with their “Loveland” postmark!


Guntar’s Bavarian Grill https://gbgrill.com/ serves their Spätzle dish at the Loveland food festival, AKA as “Grown-up mac & cheese” with-Chorizo

Loveland also has special meaning to everyone connected with the 10th Mountain Division.  I am one of them.  My dad was in the division, which trained at Camp Hale about an hour away, and was closed after the war.  He used to have his buddies drop him off at the top of Loveland Pass at night and ski down to the bottom “for fun.”

Our family skied Colorado every spring – the best sort of Valentine to be sure at any time, both as a tribute to the Tenth and for fun.   I remember eating sandwiches at a rough spool table in the kind of dark “rustic lodge”- when we didn’t eat them on the ski lift.  “God’s country” my mom called it, and it is true.

What a difference in the way people eat at Loveland  now!  “Savor Liquid Love” is this year’s ethnic Valentine’s Day theme with exclusive offerings and leisurely events.  Specialties include Cherry Chocolate Brown Lager from Grimm Brothers Brewhouse on tap in participating Loveland restaurants, bars and stores until it runs out.  

Local Brewsworthy produces their unique Bleeding Heart holiday product that can be purchased at the Loveland Visitors Center and at select retailers.

We’ve come a long way from percolated coffee at the Loveland lodge, Baby!  The 2018 official Loveland Valentine Coffee, a creme de menthe, is also sold exclusively in Loveland. Brewsworthy Coffee, a local Loveland coffee company, produces this unique roast sold at the Loveland Visitors Center and at select retailers around the city.

The 2018 Valentine Blend from Loveland

Less than an hour from Denver, Loveland is the heart of northern Colorado and home to Everything You Love.  For more information, please visit, http://www. LovelandCO.com

To read about  Tenth Mountain Division exploits in Italy, please see: http://localfoodeater.com/dad-mastered-italian-cooking-10th-mountain-division/

Melissa’s Exotic Fruit as a Valentine’s Day subscription gift is certain to keep you in your Valentine’s heart for months.  Each month at Melissa’s Produce, the most unique fruits are selected at their peak of perfection and packed by hand to ensure their safe arrival.   A certificate with information about the gift is sent to the recipient(s) immediately after the order is placed. 

Melissa’s Produce exotic fruit basket

For more information, please contact Melissa’s World Variety Produce (www.melissas.com)hotline@melissas.com 

For more information on Melissa’s gift baskets, please see our post at: http://localfoodeater.com/melissas-produce-turns-global-gift-baskets-local/

The Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Stabilyze Bar is the company’s newest flavor, honored with new packaging.  The decadent tasting meal or snack bar packs 13 grams of protein from whey and nut butter.  The bars are formulated to maintain a balanced body, stabilize blood sugar levels and provide all essential daily nutrients.  Stabilyze Bars come in NEW Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Coconut Cashew, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and Dark Chocolate Thin Mint Cookie.  They are available at select Costco locations, and online on Amazon.com and Stabilyze.com.

Dark Chocolate Stabilyze Bar

Dark chocolate expresso bean flavors star in the Better Than Coffee Bars. Guarana.  Maca plants from South America provide “the kick.” Guarana, long used by natives for stamina and energy while hunting, provides a quick boost of natural caffeine. Maca is scientifically proven to reduce stress effects while maintaining an illuminating mental and physical boost. Better Than Coffee Bars are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, certified Kosher, soy-free, dairy-free, low sodium, and nut-free (except coconut), and offer 100mg of natural caffeine.  Flavors include the intriguing French Roast and Dark Chocolate & Cranberry.  Learn more details at BetterThanCoffee.com.


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