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Organic India’s Turmeric Rhizome Powder Goes International

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HerbPouchTurmericTurmeric is a popular spice around the world, used in many different cuisines, so popular today that even the mainstream knows to put in the “r” in the name.  Turmeric glorious yellow color makes any dish outstanding.   So brilliant a hue, it is used to as a fabric dye and as a body paint during traditional Indian celebrations. As a spice, turmeric is found in mustard, butter and curry. The spice resembles ginger in its formation. The ground turmeric commercially available comes from the “rhizome” of the plant.

A “rhizome” is an underground stem that resembles a plant’s root. It typically grows horizontally and branches off in many directions. Turmeric spice and dye are processed from this part of the plant. Raw turmeric in its original form strongly resembles a ginger root, echnically a rhizome spice.

Organic India’s finely ground turmeric powder is processed from a turmeric rhizome. This part of the plant is boiled, then dried. Next, the rhizome is ground into a fine spice. It is in its strongest state soon after grounding.  It’s important that over time, the spice loses flavor.

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