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Party-Perfect Whole-Pig Roast at The Marina del Rey Hotel

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(photo courtesy of The Marina Del Rey Hotel)

(Gerry Furth-Sides) Let’s go straight to the grill poolside to tell the store of the “Aloha to Summer” event created by the SALT Restaurant  at The Marina Del Rey Hotel, (http://www.marinadelreyhotel.com).  The festive “authentic Hawaiian” spirit made this event as extraordinary as “an island day in Paradise.”

For more on how the Hawaiian luau celebrates removing restrictions in group eating, please see:  https://www.hawaii-luaus.com/history-of-hawaiian-luau/

This “Aloha to Summer” featured Executive Chef Mark Gold and his team cooking up a special whole-pig roast, fresh poke and Hawaiian-inspired eats, available to order, each with a bold macaroni salad and pillowy toasted Hawaiian rolls. Friendly, experienced  Chef Garee even let us take a look up close.  Click here to see the grill in action:


Fun, talented Chef Garee Battad

We were treated to succulent, chewy and tender, suckling pig shreds and ribs just off the grill.

WHOLE SUCKLING PIG PLATE ($18) roasted poolside, on a bed of pineapple salsa.

LOMI SALMON with heirloom tomato, scallion, coriander, serrano chili, sesame.

TERIYAKi CHiCKEN included a quarter chicken ($14) .

The beef ‘BIG KAHUNA’ BURGER($16) with grilled pineapple, house ‘thousand island’ and macaroni salad. Chicken burgers are also offered.

Chef Garee and his own “outdoor” crew.

Special artisan beers and cocktails were offered all day at the TIDAL WAVE bar ($12-14 per creation) with a whimsical description to match.  A rotating list of draft brews were on tap.  You could  “make it a bucket”of beer (6) for $25.

The citrusy white Sandy Beaches cocktail was made with Gin fillet, fallernum, lime and absinthe.  The (pink) Shark Attack was a mix of Mount gay, mint, strawberry orgeat (almond syrup). You could definitely taste the layers of flavor in each.  All glasses and utensils used poolside are unbreakable for safety sake.

The Sandy Beaches and Shark Attack.

Guests were meandering in when we arrived around noon.  A half hour later it was SRO with everyone pointing to the very place they wanted to be seated!  The staff took it all in stride. 

Hostess (turned party server) Markie Pastor, and F & B Director Greg Simons, put everyone in a holiday mood and made us all feel special.

(Above)  Wobbly table on the uneven deck?  Need an umbrella? SALT restaurant manager Richard Serrano and Greg (below) get the job done in a jiffy.

The locals  “stay cool” in their favorite spot.


Modern oceanfront property Marina del Rey Hotel’s spectacular pool area affords sparkling views of the marina. Two luxury cabanas and six “daybeds” are available to use for a $1000 and $600 food/drink minimum.

Visitors and locals  (21+) are invited to use the pool and order off the menu with no cover charge at the  Marina del Rey Hotel  event series.

This welcome reflects how the luau first came into being in 1819 to celebrate King Kamehameha II’s  abolishment of traditional religious practices in which men and woman ate their meals apart, and certain delicacies were forbidden to commoners and all women.

Marina del Rey Hotel; 13534 Bali Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292



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Gerry Furth-Sides

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