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  • Celebrating Turmeric: Everything Old is New Again

    Gloriously colorful Turmeric is the newest darling of celebrity chefs, although in ancient times, rich orange Turmeric (the color of baked yams), popular in both North African and Indian curry dishes, held such healing powers it became known as “the spice of life.” French-Tunisian Chef-owner Alain Cohen at Got Kosher” Cat...


    Articles by gerry furth-sides Cardamom Indian Restaurant – Review- When “New and Improved” is Actually New and Improved Cardamom Indian Restaurant is not one but two bright Los Angeles stories.  The first is of a popular neighborhood cafe (India’s Oven) smoothly taken over with continuity and also updated. I...

  • BOMBAY CAFE Celebrates 25 Years of Indian Comfort Food

    One of the longest standing Indian restaurants in Los Angeles, Bombay Café has been making traditional Indian cuisine in LA for more than 25 years. Owned by Kamal Git Singh, ...

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