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SymmetryBreakfast: 100 International Recipes

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SymmetryBreakfast: 100 Recipes for the Loving Cook features the most important meal of the day no matter what time it is served.  Michael Zee’s unconventional cookbook explores what breakfast is and what it means to people around the world.  Zee’s  90 internationally inspired recipes are paired up with his glorious photography shot entirely on an iPhone.  Lessons in the art of food-styling guide the reader how  to present it with style, and eat it with pleasure along with your guest.

The book is available for pre-order online through Amazon.

Ideas for innovative and more familiar concepts in these perfectly plated assembly breakfasts, that range from simple to more complex dishes for seasoned cooks.  All the recipes also come with great stories behind them.

Zee promises that, “For foodies and feeders alike, SymmetryBreakfast will cheer you up, make you hungry, and change the way you think about breakfast.”  It has already has a huge number of international followers.

SymmetryBreakfast started as a phenomenally popular Instagram incorporating world cuisines, contemporary design, and a story of love over the meal of breakfast. Michael’s Instagram has been featured in The GuardianWashington PostTelegraphSunday Times, and endorsed by Jamie Oliver.

Michael Zee studied photography at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth and later went on to teach Art and Design in secondary schools in London’s East End.

He then completed his masters in Museums and Galleries in Education at the Institute of Education and has worked at Tate Modern, Tate Britain, and most recently in public programming at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Michael’s passion for cooking comes from his parents and his mixed English, Scottish, and Chinese heritage. Weekends and school holidays would be spent working in his father’s Chinese and English chippies in Liverpool and teaching himself to bake for his mother’s sweet tooth.

Michael created SymmetryBreakfast for his partner Mark in their Hackney flat in 2013. Mark’s hectic job as a menswear fashion designer means late nights and weekends in the office. Early on in their relationship, breakfast became a sacred moment in the day and Michael started on his mission to make each meal as celebratory as possible. Over 1,000 breakfasts later, Michael still wakes up early to make breakfast for Mark, looking carefully around the world and at home for inspiration, taking a simple idea and making it beautiful.

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