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TAIX French Restaurant Celebrates 90th Anniversary with 90-Cent Roast Chicken Dinner October 8

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 If the “cent” roast chicken dinner is anything at all like Taix French Restaurant’s joyous celebration honoring long-time employees and guests, it will be a lifetime memory.
Taix French Restaurant, Los Angeles oldest family owned and operated French country restaurant, is celebrating its 90th anniversary with its traditional “cent” roast chicken dinner. On Sunday, October 8, 2017 from 4 p.m .to 8 p.m., customers, old and new, can celebrate with a 90-cent “Taix” Roast Chicken dinner special.

The menu for the evening’s anniversary hours will be limited to soup de jour, salad and the “Taix” Roast Chicken with au jus—a classic French country chicken dinner introduced by Marius Taix Jr. in 1927. 

Full service bar available; reservations will not be accepted and diners will be seated on a first come, first serve basis.
 For more information about Taix French Restaurant, please visit http://taixfrench.com.

 The Taix Family is the third and fourth generation of sheepherders and bakers from the “Hautes-Alpes” in southeastern France that moved to Los Angeles around 1870.

In 1912 Marius Taix Sr. built a hotel called the Champ d’Or in downtown Los Angeles’ French quarter, which was located on 321 Commercial Street, and included a hotel restaurant subleased to a tenant, which was relinquished to the Taix’s when the restaurant was forbidden to serve alcohol during the prohibition period.

In 1927, Marius Taix Jr. opened Les Freres Taix French restaurant within the hotel, serving chicken dinners for 50 cents at long “family-style” tables. Diners could choose private booth service for an extra quarter. Taix’s novel food, unique service and affordable prices have made it a Los Angeles institution.

Taix French Restaurant located at 1911 W. Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood, opened in 1962 and continues to be a family affair. Taix French Restaurant remains faithful to the famed tureen of soup, fresh french bread, and abundant portions of French country cuisine at affordable prices.

In 1962, the present location, located on Sunset Boulevard, east of Hollywood in Echo Park, opened and was owned and operated by Raymond and Pierre Taix, sons of Marius Taix Jr., and uncles John Narp and  Louis Sangouard. Taix remained true to its French roots until the 1970s, when the restaurant experimented with a continental-themed menu. In the mid 80s, Michael Taix, son of Raymond Taix, began contributing to the management of the restaurant, and through time, became owner operator.

  Most recently, Mike teamed up with French Chef Laurent Quenioux, aka “LQ,” who  was one of the founders of the L.A. French scene in the 1980s, and founded 7th street bistro, serving groundbreaking French Nouvelle California cuisine. Together, Mike and LQ revisit Taix’s menu and fine tune dishes for micro improvements.


Michael Taix transformed the continental era back to Taix’s original French roots.  He has been successful at attracting a wide-range of customers from long-time customers and business executives, to families and local Gen-X and Gen Y hipsters with new Happy Hours and late night service.

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Gerry Furth-Sides

Gerry Furth-Sides

Content Editor/Columnist

Photo-journalist Gerry Furth-Sides has been covering the ethnic and American culinary scene in California since it first came into prominence 25 years ago.