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About Us

LocalFoodEater.com is the only ethnic food website. Los Angeles features the most diverse city in the world in a culinary and cultural sense because it includes the Pacific Rim. The City of Angeles with its population of 15 million has grown up in a mosaic form with individual culinary pockets maintaining the food of over 89 countries.

The main categories allow a reader to learn more about a favorite cuisine or explore new ones from an “insider’s view”. Our team of ethnic food writers include the most well-respected from the LA TiMES, LA WEEKLY, LOS ANGELES magazine, international cookbook authors, syndicated columnists and guidebook editors.

Ethnic Finds of the Week  describes new, offbeat or popular dishes on the menu that the owner or chef recommends.

The Front of the House (“A Long Way to Go for Dinner” in book form) highlights one individual cuisine each month with in-depth profiles of chefs, their backgrounds, their food and how they fit into LA food history – what they brought and retained or transformed.


Events include upcoming ethnic food events open to our followers and/or public an insider’s description of past events.

Best Food Finds  section or restaurant GUIDEBOOK is categorized by cuisine. It includes a brief description of the restaurant cuisine and ambiance, and “what to try and why” with photos.

The Pantry section includes ethnic products, books and recipes. This includes ethnic foods, dishes and traditions gone mainstream through new American products.

Stories range from major players, from legendary, Wolfgang Puck to Marino Ristorante owner, Ciro Marino. They brought with them and kept the white tablecloth tradition and evolved it into restaurants with more of a casual feel.

The Asian contingency encompasses Thai from Tommy Tang (father of the California cuisine and contemporary Thai cuisine) to celebrity chef, Jet Tila.

The French who became the mainstay of the first society bistro, Le St. German (now in Palm Springs) were Canadians and Belgians, trained in the most polished Parisian service with madcap lives outside of the dining room. The cross-country trip of Le Dome and Le Chardonnay mainstays, Raimund Roy and Rayjean Fontaine (now at Le Petit Bistro and Chez Mimi) rivals “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” followed by their stints during the wild early days as Morrison.

How Los Angeles cuisine evolved and how it influenced the rest of the country successful Front of The House techniques that still apply today: Bistro Gardens and Scandia; Ports and Dan Tana; Tommy’s Burgers and Korean Bar-B-Q; Langer’s and Cantors deli.

Gerry Furth-Sides