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Can’t read Chinese? It doesn’t matter. You can still get one of the best lunch bargains around at My Way Deli in Monterey Park.

The blackboard (at top) lists four dishes. Reading from the top down, they are beef, pork, chicken and fish, which come with soup, a couple of vegetable dishes, rice and tea, all for $6.25.

I chose beef, and this is what I got: Taiwanese stewed beef with carrots, daikon and green onions, scented with star anise. The clear soup contains egg shreds and seaweed. Fried green beans are naturally sweet.

Chinese eggplant with ground pork (above the beef) is as good a rendition of this dish as I’ve had. Perhaps the accompaniments change from day to day, but these came with my order.

My Way Deli draws local people, Chinese seniors and others who want good, economical food.

The regular menu includes Taiwanese dishes such as beef noodle soup, fried rice with Taiwanese sausage (above) and Taiwanese style porridges.

The restaurant is in the same mall as a 99 Ranch Market, a bakery and other places for shopping after lunch.

My Way Deli, 735 W. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park, CA 91754. Tel: (626) 282-8997. Closed Thursdays.

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