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Barbara Hansen

  • 85°C Draws a Crowd in Koreatown

    Who wouldn’t stand in line for icy, creamy sea salt coffee paired with a slice of sea salt coffee brûlée? Even if the line lasted an hour, or more? That’s the way it was this morning, when 85°C Bakery Cafe opened in Koreatown....

  • Home and Away–a Travelers Cookbook

    This may be the best Indian cauliflower I’ve ever made. And I’ve cooked many versions of that dish over the years. Green beans join cauliflower in the rich-tasting, subtly spiced and creamy sauce. This is real Indian comfort food, from Bengal....

  • Julie Taboulie Makes–Taboulie

    Taboulie, the bulgur wheat and parsley salad, gets a new look from Julie Taboulie. In her newly released cookbook, “Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen,” she gives the conventional bulgur version but suggests quinoa as an alternative. And when she appeared at Melissa’s Produce to present the book along with...

  • Sampling Food at Full Moon House

    Golden City, an old timer in Chinatown, has given way to the new Full Moon House, which was almost empty when I had lunch there the other day. This may have had more to do with declining business in Chinatown than with the restaurant, which produced a tableful of dishes that pleased my group of […]...

  • Cecchi’s Vermentino–It’s a Winner

    If the discovery of a new dish does a lot for the world, what about the discovery of a new wine? My world was certainly brightened by a Vermentino from Cecchi Family Estates in Tuscany. Dry, bright and fresh with a touch of minerality, it’s perfect for the food I like to eat– Indian, Thai, […]...

  • Try Kumquats in Your Cocktails

    Don’t put that same old red cherry into your Manhattan, Old Fashioned or lemonade. Instead, go bold with kumquats, bright orange, syrupy preserved kumquats that you can make yourself. Kumquats are in season now, so pick up a few, or a lot–but hurry, because the season ends soon. Then set aside a few minutes for [&hel...

  • Learning About Thai Hispanic Food

    What would you learn to cook in a class about Thai Hispanic food? Green curry with poblano chiles? Mole with coconut milk? Aguachile decorated with orchids? None of the above, at least not at the Thai Hispanic class held at Sur La Table by the Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles....

  • Three High-End Cavas from Codorníu

    Spain’s cava is a great alternative when you want a sparkling wine that doesn’t cost too much. But not all cavas are cheap. There are high-end cavas that can offer formidable competition to premium Champagnes. Take, for example, the three presented by Codorníu at a lunch at Ray’s and Stark Bar, the restaurant ...

  • A Cookbook for Veggie Lovers

    Vegetarian or not, you’ll find lots of things you’ll want to cook in Deborah Madison’s latest cookbook, “In My Kitchen” (Ten Speed Press, $32.50). The recipes may be vegetarian, but Madison is not. Therefore, she knows how to make meatless food that will please everybody, including meat-loving folks...

  • Papa Cristo’s–Great for Greek Food

    Restaurants come and go, but not Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill. For 35 years, It’s been the place to go in Los Angeles for home style Greek cooking. Before that, it was a market, C & K Importing, where Greek food lovers came to buy cheeses, sausages, olive oil, wines, spices and other ingredients....

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