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Fresh Brothers (Italian) Goes Ethnic with Matzah Pizza for Passover

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image001 small(Gerry Furth-Sides) Ethnic (Pizza) Goes Mainstream Goes Ethnic (Matzah) at Fresh Brothers this  season.  For “those looking to celebrate one of the traditions of Passover,” Fresh Brothers is bringing back the Matzah Pizza.  “It was a huge hit with customers in the past,so we have again decided to make the Matzah Pizza available for the weeklong Jewish holiday starting Friday April 22nd until Saturday, April 30th,” according to Adam Goldberg, CEO and founder of Fresh Brothers.  Here he and brother, Scott, look over tomatoes to see if they qualify for “fresh.” image001

“When you keep Passover, it’s difficult to eat out,” says Goldberg. “So, Fresh Brothers is giving people a place to go during the week of Pesach, a time when Jewish people normally don’t eat out.  In keeping with the traditions of Passover, Fresh Brothers has tweaked the recipe, using part skim milk cheese and crust without yeast, so that observers of Passover can now satisfy their pizza cravings while honoring the holiday,” he noted.

Here is Adam Goldberg’s inspiration in his own words as a growing teen boy that was “always starving.”  He relates, “As a teen in Chicago I worked at my brother’s pizza restaurant and was frustrated during Passover as I could not eat my creations.  This memory inspired me to make the Matzah Pizza to satisfy pizza cravings among those keeping the traditions of the holiday,” explained Adam Goldberg, founder and CEO of Fresh Brothers.

 For those observing the holiday it can be an isolating time due to the dietary restrictions. When you keep Passover, it’s difficult to eat out,” added  Goldberg. “We are giving people a place to go and eat out during a time when Jewish people normally don’t. ”Fresh Brothers created a way to incorporate matzah, a cracker-like unleavened bread that symbolizes the Exodus from ancient Egypt when there was not enough time to let the bread rise, into their menu selection. “Observers of Passover now can follow their traditional dietary restrictions with the matzah while enjoying a satisfying pizza,” Goldberg noted.
In addition to the 27 toppings they offer, Fresh Brothers also offers many vegan options.  It can also accommodate those who eat gluten-free, which can be applied to the Matzah pizza orders as well.  Fresh Brothers prepares theirgluten-free pizzas in accordance with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness “Great Kitchens” protocol.

About Fresh Brothers—The first Fresh Brothers was opened in 2008 by Adam and Debbie Goldberg. Their goal was to take their traditional Chicago-style family recipes, originally created by Adam’s older brother, Scott, and give them a fresh California twist.  Fresh isn’t just a part of the name.  Fresh Brothers’ sauce is packed with 100% fresh tomatoes, not concentrate. The mozzarella is all natural, with no fillers, additives or preservatives. Nothing is ever fried; our wings, bites, and tenders, even the fresh fries are baked. Fresh Brothers has been voted the LA Times Best Pizza in the South Bay, and the Best Pizza Restaurant in the Easy Reader’s Best of the Beach.  In addition, Fresh Brothers has received national accolades such as “Best Independent Pizzeria” from Pizza Today. 


For details, please ee: www.Freshbrothers.com


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