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Israeli Sima Cohen’s Healthy Indulgence Cookbook

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Israeli-born Sima Cohen’s energy seems to bounce right out off the pages of her new Healthy Indulgence cookbook.  Not two days after we met Sima at a Melissa’s workshop, she had thanked each and every one of by email and requested our permission to be put on her mailing list.  Clearly a go-getter and we want to know her secret!

First, the dishes are  clearly influenced by her childhood memories growing up in high-powered Israel.  They are filled  with Mediterranean flavors, spices and aromas. and are combined with healthy ingredients,  many new to this writer, such as mushroom powder.

Cohen’s Cohen’s 20 years of transformational work with clients as a celebrity trainer, nutritionist, wellness expert, author and life coach also come into play.  Both a fitness trainer and a mom, Sima is well aware of sweet tooth cravings and idiosynchronisities that are more common than rare.

Cohen’s Shakshuka, Za’atar Chickpea Pocket, the Kabobs, Cherry Tahini Bites, and the three versions of Hummus  are new expressions of old time favorites. Each section of the book (all staring with S) is filled with delights and easy to make meals, snacks, sauces and drinks. Sunrise section gives you not just smoothies and eggs, but also dishes made with fruits, nuts, oats and plenty of superfoods.

Sections for Sandwiches, Soups and Salads – providing  alternatives and combinations for lunch.   For example, Skinny Mini Meatballs, Asian Persuasion Burger or Not So Guilty Grilled Cheese can be combined with Sima’s signature Butternut Squash Soup.

The sections for Snacks and Sauces features dishes as a little bit “cute” with  Grandma’s Sloppy Joes with pomegranate, Leggo of My Tacos, Tuna, Lemme Upgrade Ya!, and Muhammara. For dinner, you will see the section called Sunset where she presents ChimichurriOlé, Kabaob-in Greece and Ahi-liveable Fennel and Apple. And this brings us to Sips with recipes for Limonana, Elegant Pomegranate, and Lavender coconut lemonade.

Desserts are as light and health.  The Healthy Indulgence Sweets section is filled with scrumptious dishes such as Superbark, Chocoholic Cups, Berry Nice Froyo, and Chocolate Dreamy Tart – Sima’s most popular recipes.

She brings together 100 recipes that cover six meals a day (three main courses and three snacks), for a grazing sensitivity.  They include nutritious and cleansing drinks and enticing desserts – all with less than 10 ingredients to be ready in less than 30 minutes.

These Healthy Indulgence recipes follow Sima’s nutritional guidelines of PCF combo (power protein, complex carbohydrates, and friendly fats).  This method is not just for detox or weight loss.  It it her solution for people to increase their energy, improve metabolism, and satisfy sweet tooth cravings, while maintaining or losing weight to arrive at the healthiest one.

SIMA life journey she learned the important elements that govern and influence health and happiness. She perfected her method to help people from all walks of life discover the elements she holds true.  And they pave the way for achieving sustainable health and happiness in life: Self, Sweat and Substance.

Her expertise in nutrition (substance) and fitness (sweat) has helped thousands of overweight individuals achieve ideal weight – and the culinary part of that work resulted in the creation of this book. Sima resides in Los Angeles, California, with her daughter Kayla. http://www.simacohen.com/


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Gerry Furth-Sides

Gerry Furth-Sides

Content Editor/Columnist

Photo-journalist Gerry Furth-Sides has been covering the ethnic and American culinary scene in California since it first came into prominence 25 years ago.