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La Feria de los Moles, October 1 in DTLA, Biggest in the U.S.

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Celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary, ‘La Feria de Los Moles’ (Mole Fair) combines a decade of flavor, culture and tradition on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at its brand new larger locations, Grand Park,  in downtown Los Angeles.

This ambitious event features for the first time  a special presentation demonstrating the origin of the famous mole.  The very idea of “who was first” sparks a lively debate between representatives from Puebla & Oaxaca (Mexican states known for their mole). Of course, tastings of the different mole styles will be provided for all attendees to judge for themselves.

Grand Park hosts this feast for the first time.  It is much larger than
the former venues to hold the thousands of visitors for  the vast range of lush moles that go from sweet to salty and hot. This year delicious pastries and other dishes will be prepared right along with mole.  More than 13 different Mexican moles have in the past drawn record crowds of over 30,000 people of all ages, generations and cultures.

The  event from 10 AM to 7 PM is free, and  the traditional food is available for purchase. We recommend getting there early!

Visit: • http://feriadelosmoles.com/

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  • Facebook: Feria de Los Moles

Mole is a dish that originated from the collision of indigenous and Spanish cultures in Mexico. Legend chronicals the discovery of the tomato, cocoa, vanilla and condiments, that are part of most mole recipes.

Pueblo and Oaxaca styles of mole, the rich and complex Mexican sauce with an origin that dates back hundreds of years. Moles can contain upward of 30 ingredients — chili peppers, chocolate, seeds, nuts and fruit — and comes in numerous varieties, from sweet to savory, green, red, black and yellow, to name a few. Long-held family recipes are guarded like national secrets.

Also the ancient Nahuatl name molli was an important dish of salsa. Most of the mole ingredients come from Mexico and involve an important and ancient utensil, the metate, made of stone and used to chop and mix all of these condiments for molli. The use of this pre-Columbian utensil signifies that mole has an important role in the culinary history of Mexico.

Later on, during the colonial era more ingredients were added to the indigenous mulli, ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, pepper and almond. In Puebla this combination was named mole poblano, a dish combining culinary elements of indigenous and Spanish ancestry.

While Oaxaca is a state of major variety of moles where 7 different dishes exists in the Mexican Republic: Negro (black), rojo (red), coloradito (colored), mancha manteles (table cloth stained), verde (green), Amarillo (yellow) and chichilo.

The goal of La Feria de Los Moles’ goal is  to showcase the famous Mexican cuisine and culture, a tradition- recognized by the UNESCO world patrimony, and support the community. The fair was founded by Pedro Ramos ˜Union de Poblanos En El Exterior (UPEXT).







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Gerry Furth-Sides

Gerry Furth-Sides

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