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New “Primitive Feast”. Paleo. Perfect.

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New “Primitive Feast”. Paleo. Perfectly delicious.   I find only the name “primitive” odd because there is nothing primitive about these refined, sophisticated and beautifully seasoned dishes.

Primitive Feast meals cooked “sous vide” in a plastic pouch in boiling water, in fact,  are superb. I would happily eat these satisfying meals everyday.

To know that they are paleo on top of it is – well – frosting on the you-know-what.

Chicken Masala

The new company founded by four lifelong athletes, offers  five initial meals,  including Chicken Masala, Chicken in Bell Pepper Sauce, Grass-fed Beef Chili, Grass-fed Beef Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, and Chili Verde with Chicken.

Primitive Feast entrees use grass fed/grass finished beef and organic chicken breast, are free of gluten, milk, and soy, and contain only olive oil or other healthy fats.

My favorite: Grass Fed Beef Meatballs in a substantial but delicate Marinara Sauce that any Italian cook would be proud to have made. I ate the entire portion.

Each single-serving package ranges between 240-440 calories apiece and provides between 27-38 grams of protein per serving.  Thus,  even if you eat the entire portion – and I did – it is so satisfying that my other complementary meal  was small (a salad with veggies) so the total number of daily calories was well within a healthy range.

Prepared from high-protein ingredients that contain no added sugars or preservatives, they are generously portioned enough to serve one hearty meal or two smaller ones.

Partner Betty Morin dropped off the product after her morning run

Primitive Feast, founded by four life-long athlete partners in Los Angeles, California, is “on a  mission to provide quick, ‘clean,’ meals made with the premium ingredients.  I could not describe the meals better.

Primitive Feast achieves this by sourcing high-protein content with no fillers, using olive oil and other healthy fats, minus  added sugars or preservatives. All Primitive Feast foods are gluten free, milk free and soy free. Learn more at primitivefeast.com.

Chicken Masala

The company’s four founders, Betty Morin, Yin Goh, Scott Fennel and Rick Friedman, possess the complementary mix of commercial and culinary skills.

Primitive Feast’s executive chef, Yin Goh, positively shines.  To chef Goh, a focus on  healthy food brought her full circle, right back to her culinary roots. “I learned to cook in my Grandmother’s kitchen,” says Goh. “The way I cook for my family and for Primitive Feast is based on her lessons. She taught me to use whole ingredients, the freshest possible, and to prepare them properly and creatively to highlight their textures and flavors. Simple, healthful, delectable, nourishing food – that’s the basis of each meal we put out.”

Grass-fed Beef Chili. Inside of each box is a small black serving tray.

The partners’ lifelong pursuit of personal fitness and the firsthand knowledge of the impact that healthy foods have on physical performance provided their common ground and inspiration.  Busy lives of most professionals, moms and athletes prompted the instantaneous meals (15 minutes) and the company tagline: “Real Food. Right Now.” “

Primitive Feast will soon be available in more than 300 retail grocery stores throughout Southern California, starting with Vicente Foods and Bristol Farms. 


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Gerry Furth-Sides

Gerry Furth-Sides

Content Editor/Columnist

Photo-journalist Gerry Furth-Sides has been covering the ethnic and American culinary scene in California since it first came into prominence 25 years ago.